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Here or some FAQ's that you may have. Please call us if have additional questions not presented here. 

First Responder Benefit Plans

 FRequently Asked Questions FOR FRBP

1. How long do I have to wait to receive my ATTD Disability Benefits after a covered accident?
A. Initial waiting period for chosen benefit package is 30 days. Once waiting period is satisfied and claim paperwork is complete, benefits begin immediately. 

2. How much ATTD Benefit do I receive?
A. Determined by chosen benefit package. Choices are: 
     I. $500 flat amount per week. 

     II. 60% of earned gross income not to exceed $750 per week. 

     III. 60% of earned gross income not to exceed $1000 per week.

3. How long do I receive the ATTD Disability Benefits for?
A. Benefits are paid up to 52 weeks after satisfaction of waiting period, based upon medical status/ability to return to work. 

4. How do I file a claim?
A. Each member will have access to claim forms/instructions via web access or email. Member completes claim form, has physician complete MD statement, compiles forms plus copies of related medical bills, police reports or other documentation. 
B. For % of income benefit ($750 or $1,000 per week) member shall also include proof of income at the time of injury, pay stubs, 1099’s, etc. 
C. Submit above package to claim administrator.

5. How many hours a week do I have to work at the time of enrollment to be able to purchase the ATTD Disability Benefits?
A. There is no work requirement to purchase the membership program. ATTD is included in the membership, but is limited to a disabling injury subsequent to the effective date. 

6. What if I put in another ATTD Disability Claim after I have put one in already?
A. There is no limit on the number of claims; however, the total benefit paid out shall not exceed the weekly maximum for a single claim. 

7. Is my ATTD Income Benefit tax free? 
A. We are not qualified or authorized to give definitive tax advice. With that understanding in place, the general answer is yes. The benefit is treated for tax purposes as an individually purchased private DI plan. Please consult with your tax attorney to learn of special circumstances in your personal situation and/or state level tax variations. 

8. Does the ATTD Disability Benefit cover sickness? 
A. No, with limited qualifications. Accidental food poisoning is covered. Infections directly resulting from an injury may be covered. 

9. Is PTSD covered? 
A. Only if it is the result of an injury to the member. If it is a psychological trauma unrelated to an injury to the member than it is not covered. 

10. Are gunshot wounds covered?
A. Yes, unless purposefully self inflicted. 

11. Are heart attacks covered?
A. No

12. Can my spouse or family members sign up for the ATTD Disability Benefit?
A. Your spouse may sign up. Does not have to be a first responder.
B. A family member may sign up however must be a first responder.

13. Can I use the ATTD Benefit to pay my bills when I'm disabled?
A. The benefits are paid directly to the member with no restrictions of how the money is spent. 

14. Will my ATTD Disability Benefit pay regardless of any other disability or salary continuation plans I have in place?
A. Benefits are paid without regard to other disability coverage, workers compensation payments, SSDI, salary continuation plans or other income protection plans. Benefit payments are not reported to or coordinated with any other program unless requested by the member or compelled by law. 

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