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competitive coverages focused on customer service

Client services

We admit it, we love our clients!

Without you, there would be no “us.”

That’s why at Pinnacle you can count on us to provide you our best when it comes to customer service and advice, with a singular focus on you and your needs. As your agents, we are licensed and experienced insurance professionals, dedicated to quality, personal and prompt service, and consideration to detail.

When meeting a new client we understand that every client has a way of doing business. We take the time to understand the fundamentals of the company and dive into the operations to create value that is not usual to other brokers and agents.

We discuss our strategy with our partners to make sure that we are stratigic in the needs of all. We look at all of the financial functions of a company as well as make a risk assessment. We typically find creative solutions that not only saves the company money but also solve potential problems in the future. We share the stratagy with our partners before we start the process so everyone is on the same page.

Our results speak for themselves. We currently have a retention of clients at around 90 percent. Our clients value our complete services which does not just rely on the cost of the Insurance. We understand the commodity and we are able to be very competitive while at the same time have financial ideas that are outside the box.