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Pinnacle is always about the people whether it is our clients, employees, insurance companies or business partners. We believe that even though one person can make a difference to a current solution that a team approach is always stronger in the long-term. Insurance for the most part is looked at as a commodity. We agree with that thinking which is unusual given that our business is successful because of our clients insurance and business needs.


Most insurance Agents will not admit openly how they are compensated, but we are transparent in all parts of our business including open conversation in how we are compensated. We look at clients as a true partner so they need to know what's in it for us and how it affects them.

Fundamental difference

We do not like, nor will we transact business as a usual insurance agency. Our partners are typically unique in their own business practice and we look for people and companies who think like we do and not be defined by one industry. We understand insurance as good, if not better, than any of our competitors yet that sets the bar too low to evaluate us. We fully understand that our competitors with any type of experience and relationship can always find a cost effective solution. Most of our competitors say they are different yet offer nothing more than insurance quotes ,policies and basic service request with commodity of cost leading the way. If we ran our business in the same fashion we can always beat commodity.

The true difference

Pinnacle is different. We find the best business solution with fundamentals that support our partners and make them better in their own business . We help them in all facets of Insurance, banking, financing, accounting and business support while being no more expensive than what our competitors will offer on a very basic level. Now that is different! We do and advise in all areas of business to help our partners become better and we do it without looking at our pocket first. In doing so our clients become our partners and they pay us for the value that we deserve. In the end it comes down to the people and companies that we do business with and we both determine whether we share this same value of doing business.


We want our partners to be successful while at the same time they want us to be successful. If they need help we try to help, whether it is in our normal daily routine or not and that is what creates the difference! And a solid relationship foundation. ​ Ask us to prove it and we will!

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